Monthly Weather Report for May:

Astro-events are CST based times and dates & parallax moon measurements

5/1/24 We begin the Merry Month of May with Venus in Taurus, a sign where the planet is fully at home and powerful.

This concerns planetary dignities if you’re interested in further study. With this descriptive system of energy levels and structures, Venus “rules” Taurus and the two planets who are there in her house, currently Jupiter and Uranus, have to answer to her.

Another planet has recently moved to their home place in the Zodiac, Mars in Aries! So this month will see a shift in heavenly influences. Get ready for changes in your life with projects and ideas you’ve had in mind or on your list of things to get done. Sudden progress will be made.

But, Pluto stops moving today and gets ready for full Rx.

5/3/24 Pluto turns fully retrograde and begin its journey back into the sign of Capricorn to take care of unfinished business. Later this year it will come back into Aquarius and stay there for the next 20 years.

Get ready. This transit speaks. We need to listen. And closely.

5/7/24 New Moon at 18:04 degrees of Taurus with a sextile to Saturn in Pisces. Mercury and Chiron are in conjunction 21 degrees Aries with every single planet all gathered together in one quadrant of the sky mainly in two signs Aries and Taurus. Neptune and Saturn together in Pisces. Pluto goes solo, but not far from the pack, and for now, in Aquarius! What a beautiful 7th day of May.

5/13/24 Uranus makes a new cycle and joins with the Sun at 23 degrees of Taurus.

To add energy and meaning to this conjunction: Mercury forms a quick T-square with the Pluto/Moon opposition today.

5/16/24 Mercury moves into Taurus.

to be with Venus, Uranus, the Sun and Jupiter!

5/18/24 Jupiter and the Sun create a new cycle by their conjunction in Taurus.

Also today, Moon opposition Neptune forms a divine Grand Trine with Pluto and this Jupiter/Sun marriage in the heavens. Go pick some May flowers!

5/20/24 Sun into Gemini today.

5/23/24 Full Moon 02:57 Sagittarius.

The two benefic planets, Venus and Jupiter join at 29 degrees Taurus. And tomorrow Venus moves out and into a new sign, Gemini. The month is almost over now.

5/29/24 Mars joins together with Chiron.

Let the psychic surgery and healing journey begin. The longest trip begins with that first step out.

Take it.

Make it.

You are worth the effort.