Monthly Weather Report for June:

Astro-events are CST based times and dates & parallax moon measurements

6/1/24 We begin this "middle of the year" month with the last quarter Aries Moon heading for the Sun in Gemini.

Also in Aries, we have the North Node, Chiron, and Mars which is very much at home here in this sign.

Gemini has its own group of planetary energies and has the Sun conjunct Venus by a mere 1 degree. Jupiter is 10 degrees away but not visible being too close to the beams of sunlight. These two friendly planets are operable yet driven deep into the unseen world of the unconsciousness.

Breath deep, pause, enjoy the positive power.

6/2/24 To continue this invisible positive power play, we have Jupiter making a wonderful trine to Pluto while both planets are sextile to a dreamy Neptune hanging to the very, very, very last degree of Pisces.

Yet, due to retrograde motion Neptune won’t transition over to the sign of Aries until April of next year. Wait!

6/3/24 Mercury comes over from Taurus to Gemini and joins Jupiter at the gate. I like this month already! The Moon has newly entered Taurus, where she is “exalted” here in this sign.

6/4/24 On the same day? Mercury conjunct Jupiter, Venus conjunct the Sun. I would suggest writing some religious poetry, start a new song or novel. Inspiration is in the air.

The month of June is off to a wonderous beginning.

6/6/24 Speaking of new beginnings? Introducing, THE NEW MOON in Gemini with a lovely planetary pile up: Jupiter, Mercury, Sun, Moon, and Venus. Count them, it’s a stellium for sure. Ya think?

Beautiful. In India this could be called a Saraswati yoga.

Bring significance. Free your mind, and the rest will follow.

6/9/24 Mars moves boldly into Taurus today to give hot company to Uranus, still long lingering here at 24 degrees.

6/14/24 Mercury joins but it is on the other side of the Sun for a Superior Conjunction Cazimi.

6/16/24 !!!Happy FATHER’S DAY!!!

6/17/24 Both Mercury and Venus enter the sign of Cancer same day. This is rare and interesting. Cancer is ruled by the Moon so now those planets answer to the Silver Disk.

6/20/24 The Sun moves to zero degrees in the sign of Cancer the Crab. First day of Summer has arrived:

also known as The Summer Solstice.

6/21/24 One day after the Solstice A FULL MOON in Capricorn. This FM is 11 degrees from exact opposition to the "bending" of the Lunar Nodes.

The Nodes are eclipse points, conjunctions and oppositions can add energy to an already energetic astrological event. Get ready.

Change was there, now it's here.

6/30/24 And, for a grand finale, Saturn goes retrograde on the last day of the month. Go deep, or don't go at all.

The message of Saturn is: Change, before you HAVE to!

I shout this to the world.

Note: Jupiter will finally come out from the Sun’s glare to be seen again (morning sky) at the end of June, Venus on the other hand won’t be visible due to the Sun’s beams until the first part of August when it will appear as an Evening Star.

From this month forward the tone of the year will be different.