Monthly Weather Report for February:

Astro-events are CST based times and dates & parallax moon measurements

2/1/24 We left last month with the Moon and Chiron very close to the Nodes in Aries and Libra. They are still hanging there but the Moon being the faster of the two is heading for Scorpio and will have crossed over by day 2. Chiron on the other hand, will slowly creep into an exact conjunction by Super Bowl Sunday!

2/5/24 Mercury moves into Aquarius, zero degrees of the sign with Pluto. The very place of the "Great Conjunction" of 2020 between Jupiter and Saturn. Oh my, my, this year is starting off with sublime portent. It behooves us to keep up with our prayers.

2/8/24 a month of conjunctions, this day marks a TRIPLE with Venus and Mars, and the Moon in between; in the mysterious and holy sign of Capricorn.

2/9/24 New Moon 20 degrees of Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus.

2/11/24 Chiron moves to exact conjunction with the North Node in Aries. Calling forth the healing of deep wounds in whatever house Aries represents in your natal chart.

This sets off a huge flurry of conjunctions in the skies between Venus and Mars in Capricorn, Mercury and Pluto in Aquarius (Sun in same sign), the Moon and Saturn in Pisces (Neptune in same sign), and Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Taurus will have to wait until April 20th for their exact, on the money conjunction, but they also are in the same sign now.

2/13/24 Mars changes signs into Aquarius only to join up with that strangely familiar zero degree with Pluto. Wars and rumors of war? Or will we find the way of PEACE?

Peace and understanding come when we open ourselves to LOVE.

But can we as a human race obtain our rightful inheritance? We can, but unfortunately it has to happen one individual at a time.

Who dares to be first?


Who dares to follow?

2/17/24 Two is company, three is a crowd, but how about FIVE planets in the same sign, if you still count Pluto as a planet?

I do.

Also think there may be something to the "Dawning of the Age of Aquarius" yeah, could be. I'm telling you!

2/19/24 Sun into Pisces today.

2/22/24 Venus and Mars exact conjunction begins a new cycle for these two planets. Had there ever been this many conjunctions in one month in the history of mankind? Someone let me know.

2/24/24 Full Moon at 5 degrees of Virgo.

Mercury now moves into the sign of Pisces, and will join the Sun in exact conjunction four days as mentioned next...

2/28/24 a TRIPLE CONJUNCTION - Mercury, Sun, and Saturn @9 degrees!

2/29/24 we have an extra day this Leap Year to think about all that transpired this merry month of February 2024. Get ready, for the show has barely begun. Popcorn and peanuts. The curtain opens.