A growing collection of poems, some previously published in magazines and anthologies. I like the micro poem. Short on words, with lingering imagery. Other type poems and writings will be added. But maybe not! LOL

© Seraphim - Thanks for reading.


Wheel of Fortune

To this crooked world of sorrow

a tear fell down from heaven.

It hit the ground with redundant sound;

but no one would behold

to see the tear of heaven

for theirs were seven-fold.

So they cursed with the air that they breathe,

and tomorrow comes to conceive,

they believe

the wheel of fortune turns the world around.



I strolled along

on the naked beach,

in search of the lost-tracked conqueror.

When I fell into your seashell happiness,

I awoke, clothed with the bright feathers

of dawn.


Save Yourself


by dire embellishment,

the invincible


of the easy life

lived by most men;

give up hope!

Save the world?

Ha! insanity.


In the Night

A tear falls

in bitter anguish,

at days decline

a door closes,


even draws him, to sleep.