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It is a characteristic of our modern age that many people do not notice or are even up early enough to notice one of the most glorious and beautiful events in all the world:

the rising of the morning sun.

The rising of the sun is more glorious and beautiful than the setting of the sun, for with the sunset comes the end of the day. You may or may not have accomplished much, but even if you did, you can accomplish no more; not in the daytime anyway.

Sunset is a sad sign that the day is about to pass into night, and when it does, it will be gone forever.

But at the sun's rising a new day is beginning, a new day full of possibility and potential. The orange blush in the intensifying sky signals the end of night, the end of darkness.

It is a time where the darkness flees and is conquered by the power of light once more.

No one knows what this light will bring. It holds secrets, hidden things that will either work with or against all we have previously planned.

Time moves through us, and we move through time, in what appears to be an endless series of cyclic oscillations. The days pass, and they leave their mark upon us, and upon everything around us. Yet something remains, unchanged, waiting patiently hidden away, for that very last day of all days: "The Day" that will arise and mark eternity.

There's a place, where darkness struggles with light, and the darkness cannot overcome.

That place is the sunrise.

********* WE NEVER LEARN

“It always turns out that way. No matter which way you turn,

it’s always waiting for you.” Matilda held a sweaty glass of Jim Beam and Coke to her pursed lips, and drank deeply.

“You know Till, I’ve been thinking.

Why do we choose these losers for men, and then sit around complaining about how they treated us bad and never could do one good thing for us? What’s the deal with that? You’d imagine we’d learn after a while.” Ginnie looked at Matilda, and then out the window. Her blue-green eyes glowed like a flame.

“And another thing,”

she continued,

“I’m beginning to wonder why we even bother with men at all. Let’s just turn lesbo!”

“Stop it!” Matilda said, as she pushed away Ginnie’s hand from her leg.

The two girls had each gone through a number of different relationships, but none seemed to work out. Sex was generally the only thing that really ever got accomplished in any of them. Seeing how they were nineteen and twenty years old respectively, they didn’t have much experience on which to base decisions.

Also, coming from broken homes and single parent families did their part to add to the confusion. But yet, they were not much different than a growing number of their friends back in high school. It was like everybody came from divorced parents.

Marriage was now an outdated institution, and the two girls felt like they were the left-over results of a terrible experiment gone wrong.

“We should come here more often,” Ginnie said. “I’m already starting to get drunk. Man, these drinks are pretty good!” She lifted her leg up to cross them under the table, and bumped it so hard it almost sent both drinks flying to the floor.

“Good God Virginia, watch what you’re doing!”

“Oops, sorry.”

“We are getting quite a buzz here, aren’t we?” Just then, a car pulled up to park in front of their window. And they both sat starring at the occupants.

“Wow! Do you see what I see? Those are a couple of real hotties!” Ginnie spoke in an excited whisper. “And they’re coming right in here!!!”

“Ginnie,.. shut up.”

“Yeah, we never learn.”